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Meet Dr. Cristi

I'm Dr. Cristi Haygood, the Founder & CEO of Alyse Engineering Innovations, and my journey to building the premiere Executive Leadership and Productivity Consulting Firm was nothing short of miraculous.

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My Story

I'm a proud native of Tuskegee, AL and grew up surrounded by legends like the Tuskegee Airman, esteemed Educators, Engineers, Lawyers, and Health Care Providers. Growing up surrounded by excellence, always gave me the confidence and courage to pursue my dreams and work hard with every opportunity. This confidence, courage, and work ethic carried me through Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees, right into Corporate America.

I discovered a talent early in my career for leading people and getting things done. Rising steadily over time into the leadership ranks, going farther than I ever expected as a Black Woman in STEM. As an Engineering Director, whose transformed teams from struggling to succeeding, resulting in over $50M+ in value to the bottom line over the last 7 years, I've had success that others dream about.

Journey through Corporate America

Having worked with big corporations like Raytheon, United Technologies, and Honeywell, I rose through the ranks as a Mechanical Engineer, Sr. Systems Engineer, and into multiple Leadership Roles including Sr. Engineering Manager and Engineering Director. One thing that struck me was how little training Technical Leaders received before becoming Managers. Many of these leaders were promoted into these roles due to longevity or to afford them a "stretch goal" to try managing people due to their strong technical skills.

Utilizing the knowledge obtained from my MBA, MS Engineering Management, and Doctor of Engineering Degrees and applying over 17 Years experience as an Engineer and People Leader, I've always worked to develop my teams and build leaders who excel at managing people, driving productivity, and accelerating performance to meet and exceed organizational objectives.

Along the way, I’ve also had challenges - working 60hrs per week, every week; dealing with bad managers who thrived on chaos and hostile behavior; rebuilding teams while having to constantly fire-fight and deal with too much bureaucracy/ unrealistic expectations. This was a recurring theme I heard when I met with other Leaders at work, networking events, and conferences. So many of us were burned out and feeling like work was our life - filled with early mornings/late nights and no time or energy to live our actual lives! I took stock of it all and realized that there was a better way. Something had to change and I had the power to change it.

Dr. Cristi Haygood,DEng

Walking in My Purpose

Dr. Cristi Speaking Engagements

For years, I’ve developed Leaders at my companies and spoke at Technical Conferences & Universities.  After every speaking engagement, there’s always a line of people who ask for additional advice, want to come work for me or shared their desire for me to work at their companies to help them turn their leaders and processes around.


These encounters, along with my professional experiences, helped me identify my purpose and step out on faith to create Alyse Engineering Innovations.  I am committed to showing you how to “Engineer dynamic Leaders who innovate real value and build high-performing teams.”


According to Gallup, "people don't leave companies, they leave Managers and Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in team engagement and heavily influence employee wellbeing. Managers also report higher stress and burnout than those they manage." 


What if you could engineer better Leaders, improve productivity, and enhance performance? In 90 days, we’ll work with your People Leaders and tackle your processes. This is achieved using the Engineer Real Value System. We will first assess and engage with the Leadership 360°, uncover and strategize with the Productivity Playbook, and execute and optimize with the Performance Accelerator. 


Building better Leaders and high-performing teams are only a Discovery Call away...

Looking forward to working with you as we  #EngineerBetterLeaders!

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